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Taste Daegu, Enjoy Daegu!

Daegu Food Tour EXPO & DAFOOD 2015

If you have seen the TV at Korea, I bet you've once seen 'Moekbang(먹방).'
It has a meaning of 'food broadcast', which celebrities take a tour at
certain places of Korea finding out which restaurant is the hot-place and delicious.
There are also many TV shows showing how to cook, such as
'Oneul Mwomeogji'(오늘 뭐먹지), 'Naengjang-goleul Butaghae(냉장고를 부탁해)'.

Well, no need to watch delicious food through the TV screen if you live near Daegu.
Because here at EXCO, Daegu Food Tour EXPO 2015 is waiting for you!
Don't miss the chance of tasting traditional Korean food, and also international foods from Germany, Russia, India, Japan, Philippines and so on.

<Outline of Daegu Food Tour EXPO : DAFOOD 2015>
- Period : 11th~14th June, 2015
- Exhibition : 10:00~18:00 (Entrance available until 17:00)
- Venue : Exhibition Hall, Ground Floor of Daegu EXCO
- Admission : 3,000 won / Group (over 20 people) 50% discount / Free for seniors(over 65 year-old), Disabled person, Children (under 7 year-old)

Daegu Food Tour EXPO 
<Food Pavilions Classified by Topics>
- Daegu food towards the World : Showing Daegu food and other foods from 10 countries
- Modern food : Jangdogdae(platform for crocks of sauces and condiments), Gyo-dong Market booth
- Creative cuisine : Lotus food, Tteok(rice cake), Low-salt diet, Four-seasons food style
- Modern food : Daegu Master of Baking, Dessert, Home Party, Late night get-together booth

<Stage Events>
○ Food Show
- Energy Surging, Sound Body, Strong Mind, too - Osh (Uzbekistan)
 ‣ 6.11(Thu) 13:00 ~ 13:30
- Birthday Party - Macaroni salad (Philippines)
 ‣ 6.11(Thu) 13:30 ~ 14:00
- Viva l’italia-Fusilli alla boscaiola(Italy)
 ‣ 6.12(Fri) 13:00 ~ 14:00
- Home Town Food-Chili Boy(U.S.A)
 ‣ 6.13(Sat) 11:00 ~ 12:00

○ LIVE Cocktail Contest
- Food sector LIVE cocktail contest competition
 ‣ 6. 15(Sun) 10:00~16:00

<Cooking programs>
○ Making Frog Burgers
- Period : 6 times during Food Tour EXPO (10am~17pm, an interval of 1 hour)
- Time : about 50 min
- Fee : 5,000 won / maximum of 30 people per time

○ Korea Sugar Craft Association 
- Period : 6 times during Food Tour EXPO (10am~17pm, an interval of 1 hour)
               10:00/13:00/15:00 Sugar cookies
               11:00/ 14:00/16:00 Butter Cupcake
- Time : about 30 min / maximum of 30 people per time
- Fee : Sugar cookies 3,000 won / Butter Cupcake 5,000 won

○ Brewing Korean Traditional Liquor
- Period : 3 times during Food Tour EXPO (11am, 14pm, 16pm)
- Time : about 40 min / maximum of 30 people per time
- Fee : 10,000 won 
※ Registration for the programs is first-come-first-served basis on the day

DAFOOD 2015 
<Booth information of Exhibitors>
○ Military Food Service : A special place to introduce catering products, equipments of military. Also showing canned foods, combat ration that soldiers intake.

○ Moonlight alliance booth :
It is expected to be an opportunity for the promotion of exchanges with representatives of the city and excellent food of Daegu and Gwangju. This year, seven companies in Gwangju participates, promoting Kimchi, Ttoek(rice cake), made-in-Korea wheat products, beverages, Makgeolli(rice wine), organic snacks, chocolates.

○ Gugwanmo(plant) Vinegar booth
- It is a natural vinegar is created by natural fermentation in the way of tradition.
Made with pure domestic agricultural products, it is fermented over 3 years without addition of artificial sweeteners or preservatives.

○ Gyeongsangbuk-do province 'Our traditional Drink' Promotion Booth
- Excellent traditional liquor and alcohol will be on display. Tasting is also available, try some Andong soju, traditional rice wine and hard liquour. In addition, they are planning to show new drinks using herbs. (We call it Yak-ju in Korea)

Daegu Food Tour EXPO
    - TEL : +82-53-601-5455,
     - E-mail :
     - Official Website :
    - TEL : +82-53-601-5054,
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<How to get to Daegu EXCO>

90 Youtongdangi-ro, Buk-gu
Daegu 702-712, Korea

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