Tuesday, April 14, 2015

7th World Water Forum 2015 (Exco Plus)


is a Daegu Guide made from exco.
Published especially for foreign visitors who visit Daegu 
during the 7th World Water Forum.

There are 8 themes in EXCO Plus, such as 

The birthplace of Samsung
Seomun Market
Modern Alley Tour
Downtown Streets
Tailored Suits and Handmade shoes
Apsan Mt.
Craft beer club
Introduction of EXCO!

Written by a foreign reporter, it is much easier to understand!

A participant reading EXCO Plus while waiting for the shuttle bus.

We handout EXCO Plus 
every hour for those who use the shuttle bus on the way to Gyeong-ju.
Hoping that they can read, 
feel the fascinating
charm of Daegu.
Thank you very much ;)

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