Monday, August 10, 2015

Are you a green thumb?

Daegu Urban Agriculture EXPO 2015

No need to be disappointed even if you're not good at planting. Because more and more people are just raising plants for a simple reason, comforting themselves. Not only just a simple fad, it’s becoming a part of one’s lifestyle, such as weekend farm, rooftop garden and air-plants.
Sources : KBS2TV 인간의 조건-도시농부
There is also even a entertainment show about Urban Farming. Ingan-ui Jogeon : Dosi nongbu (Requirements for being a Human : Urban Farmer), 
a show program from KBS2TV. It’s a show that Musicians, Chefs, Comedians grow crops at the rooftop garden. And by also cooking the crops they have planted, the casts realize the importance of nature and the value of labor.
Well, there is good news for those who were interested, no need to feel indirect experience through the television. Because Daegu Urban Agriculture EXPO 2015 will be held through Sep.3-6, at Daegu Natural Science High School.
Feel the value of labor and agriculture by planting, harvesting crops yourself!
< Summary >
- Period : 3rd~6th September, 2015
- Exhibition : 10:00~18:00
- Venue : Daegu Natural Science High School
- Admission : Free
- Topic: Living in a happy city, we are Urban Farmers
< Exhibition >

Urban agriculture Theme Sculpture
Receive healing by Urban agriculture
Farm Art
Family Rooftop Garden

Insect Ecology Pavilion

< Participating Events >
Harvesting Experience
Harvesting Experience

Stamp Rally
Flower Planting

< Concurrent Events >
Local Food Marketplace

Beginners Urban Agriculture School
(Reservation and advance)
City Farmers Market

Our Beautiful Agricultural·Fishing
Village Photo Exhibition

Sensuous Concert

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Daegu, Suseong-gu,
Nobyeon-dong, 100