Friday, May 8, 2015

You Can Learn A Lot Of Things From The Flowers

 Daegu Flower Show 2015

June, as the song goes, is the best time of year to learn things about flowers. As it so happens, the Daegu Flower Show will run from June 3 to June 7 at EXCO. Hosted by Daegu Metropolitan City and organized by EXCO, the flower show will be the perfect opportunity to hone your gardening skills, learn about the latest in gardening techniques, or to simply enjoy the fragrant beauty of a sea of flowers.

This year’s theme, an Ensemble of Flowers and Daily Life, capture’s the show’s intent to inspire people to integrate more nature into their lives. The floral event has grown every year, and this year’s bloom will feature extended hours compared to previous shows to accommodate the anticipated 10,000 people a day. 8 institutes, 60 companies, and 140 commercial booths will be present to showcase the industry’s latest and greatest products in floriculture, horticulture, gardening, urban agriculture, and flowers, many of which will be available for purchase on site. The expo’s wide variety of themed areas include Theme Pavilion, Flower Design, Pressed Flower, Preserved Flower, Gardening, Wild Flowers, Bonsai Tree, Orchid, Outdoor Flower Market, and a Hands-on Experience Zone.

The show will feature two main contests. The first, the Flower Design Competition, pits professional florists and their arrangements against each other in an epic contest of beauty and aesthetic design. Titans in their field, these florists are sure to impress lovers of color and nature. The second, the Flower Pet Contest, is open to anyone who grows plants at home and wishes to show off their gardening chops.

In addition to the two main contests, a host of subsidiary events will keep visitors busy. Aspiring florists can attend the Florist Seminar, perhaps one day leading to a slot in the Flower Design Competition, or enjoy the Flower Arrangement Demonstration led by renowned florists. Additional events include the ongoing Photo On Spot Event, which allows visitors to send their pictures of the event’s exhibitions to the organizing committee in exchange for a free gift, and the Potted Flower Event, in which visitors can take home a potted plant.

Anxious to get out of the convention center and see some flowers around the city? The show, in conjunction with the Daegu Convention Visitors Bureau, has organized a special tour package, the Flower Show Tour, to showcase the area’s natural beauty. Visitors can also experience Dongwhasa Temple on Palgongsan and the Daegu Shooting Range, two local favorites.

Fans of flowers need not worry that the exhibition is more commercial than floral, with 70% of the show’s exhibition space devoted to the display of floral arrangements. The show will feel more like a conservatory than a convention, as colorful and fragrant as the Garden of Eden.

Hours for this year’s Daegu Flower Show are 10:00-19:00. Tickets are 7000 won for adults and 6000 won for youth. Visitors can preregister for a 3000 won discount on (Korean language only).

Start off the summer surrounded by nature’s beauty by coming out to EXCO in June!

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