Thursday, April 21, 2016


The Only Exhibition in Korea Specialized in Fire Industries!

Fire Expo Korea is the biggest exhibition relating to safety and firefighting industries in Korea. As the most practical event related firefighting & firefighters, over 300 government employees related with the industry attend the Product Presentation for Public Purchase. Hosted by the key organizations of the industry, it is the most reputable event in Korea.

See the present and future of the Fire industry at a glance, from household goods to high-tech robots. This year, 'Muscle Enhancing Suits' will be shown. Worn by the robot, it helps firefighters carry heavy equipment during rescue operations by developing the lower body muscle strength.

<Exhibition Overview>
- Title: The 13th International Fire&Safety Expo Korea
- Period: 2016. April 27(Wed)-29(Fri)/For 3 days
- Host: The Ministry of Public Safety and Security, Daegu Metropolitan City
- Organizers: EXCO, The Korea Fire Institution of Industry&Technology, KOTRA
- Con-Current Event: The 5th Product Presentation
                            The 6th 1:1 Business Meeting
                            Specialized seminars by the Central Fire Service of Ministry of Public Safety and Security

- Firefighting: Fire Prevention, Firefighting equipment, Sea Fire
- Rescue and First Aid: Rescue, First Aid, Industrial Safety Managing System, Safety Equipment
- Security: Security system, Police & Guard

- Carrer Fair
- The 5th National CPR Contest
- The 3rd Fire&Safety Quiz Contest
- Firefighting Performance of the Joseon Dynasty's Royal Court Fire Brigade
- Fire&Safety Discount Market
- Daegu Safety Theme Park
- 119 Safety Experience
- CPR Experience Center

International Fire & Safety EXPO Office
    - TEL : +82-53-601-5066/5364
    - Email :
    - Official Website:

<How to get to Daegu EXCO>

90 Youtongdangi-ro, Buk-gu
Daegu 41515, Korea

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Daegu Beauty Expo 2016

Daegu Beauty Expo is a specialized exhibition for total beauty items and products which is hosted by Daegu, the city of beauty. In addition to the exhibition, a total of 25 events will be concurrently held which includes Miss Daegu Beauty Pageant, Beauty Show, Beauty Contest, Nabba Korea KI Sports Festival, various beauty seminars and hygiene education for beauty business owners.

Daegu Beauty Expo, which is hosted by Daegu Metropolitan City and organized by beauty-related associations and specialized organizations, will be held in Daegu, the hub city of Gyeongsang province area. This expo is expected to be the biggest event in the region!

<Exhibition Overview>
- Title: Daegu Beauty Expo 2016
- Period: 2016. May 20(Fri)-22(Sun)/For 3 days
- Host: Daegu Metropolitan City
- Organizers: Korea Beauty Industrial Association Inc.,
                 Daegu Branch of Korea Estheticians' Association Inc.,
                 Gyeongsang Province Branch of Korea Estheticians' Association Inc.,
                 Daegu HQ of Hankook Ilbo, KOTRA, EXCO
- Sponsors: Korea Nail Businessman Association,
                Nabba Korea KI Sports Festival Organizing Committee.

- Cosmetics: Skincare products, functional cosmetics, medical cosmetics, oriental medicine and organic cosmetics, cosmetics for men, natural cosmetics, color makeup, etc.
-Esthetic: Skincare devices, beauty devices, spa products and items, spa devices, aroma therapy, health diet products and supplements, medical devices for health, exercise and gym products, etc.
- Hair: Hair accessories, hair products, hair treatment products, scalp care products, hair transplantation surgery, wigs, training institutions and related organizations, etc.
- Nail: Nail art and care, nail and foot care products, hand and feet management products, nail art materials, service shops, foot care,
foot art products and devices, total beauty fashion, jewellery, eyeglasses, etc.
- Medical Beauty: Plastic surgery clinics, plastic surgery specialized clinics and agencies, medical devices and products for plastic surgeries of eyes,
nose, boobs, facial bone, lipo-suction and skin conditions, healthcare services, etc.
- Body Beauty: Exercise, fitness, healthcare, dietary supplement, workout devices and products, gyms and fitness centers
- Others: Schools, academies, and related organizations

<Concurrent Events>
- Beauty Show: Hair, Art, Color, Fashion
- Beauty Seminars: Hair, Nail, Makeup, Body painting
- Hygiene education for skincare business Field: Hair, Nail, Skincare
- Beauty Contest: Skincare, Makeup, Hair, Nail, etc.
- Miss Korea K Beauty Wedding Show
- Nabba Korea KI Sports Festival: Exercise, fitness, body building, sports, dance contest
- Hands-on experience of new products and technologies of local cosmetics

- Beauty Change Hall(Free hands-on experience): 1:1 makeup trials, hands-on experience of new products and technologies of local cosmetics
- Giveaway Event: First-come first-served event, quiz event, Catch Catch event, etc.

Daegu Beauty Expo 2016 Secretariat
    - TEL : +82-53-601-5454
    - Email :  
    - Official Website:

<How to get to Daegu EXCO>

90 Youtongdangi-ro, Buk-gu
Daegu 41515, Korea

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

International Green Energy Expo & Conference 2016

Korea's Largest & Asia's Leading Energy Trade Fair, IGEEC 2016 will take place from April 7 to 8. Taking Paris Climate change conference as a momentum, the Korea government had decided to double its R&D investment within 5 years. Therefore, businesses in the new renewable energy field are looking forward as another great leap.

For this year's show, the global leaders like Schmid Group, Kaco New Energy, and JA Solar and major Korean energy groups including Korea Gas Corporation(KOGAS), Korea Electric Power Corporation(KEPCO)  will be introducing and marketing their latest technologies in new and renewable energy industry.

Smart Eco Motor Show 
The Newest Eco-friendly Vehicles right here at Daegu!

This year, Daegu metropolitan city has decided to become the leading city in 'Electric Vehicle Taxis', by test-operating 50 electronic vehicle taxis in Daegu. In order to promote this plan, IGEEC 2016 also helds "Smart Eco Motor Show" as a concurrent event. Major groups such as Hyundai (Ioniq hybrid,EV), KIA (Ray EV, Soul EV, hybird SUV Niro), Renault Samsung Motors (SM3 ZE), Nissan (Leaf: The world's best-selling electric car) will participate this motor show. 

Concurrent events such as GPVC 2016(Global Photovoltaic Conference) will be held. The climate change workshop is also worth noting, which is held on the subject of Daegu's sweltering heat. 

<Exhibition Overview>
- Title: International Green Energy Expo & Conference 2016
- Venue: Exco (Daegu)
- Date 2016. 4. 6(Wed.)~8(Fri.)
- Website:

<Exhibition Composition>
- Photovolatic : Cell·Module, Material·Components, Power·Plant System, Solar Cell·Module Production Equipment
- Wind Power: Wind Turbine, Devices and components, System and software, Managing·Service·Consulting
- Renewable Energy: Green Car, Component and material, Manufacturing technology, Testing, Analysis and Evaluation, Rechargeable battery, Related Equipment, Hydrogen, Fuel Cells, Biomass, Solar Thermal, Geothermal, Marine, Small Hydro power Plants, Waste, IGCC, Green Industry, LED,  Climate Change Policy Office, Smart Grid, ESS, Energy Components Material

<Concurrent Events>
- Global Photovoltaic Conference 2016

IGEEC 2016 Secretariat
    - TEL : +82-53-601-5373

    - Email :    
    - Official Website

<How to get to Daegu EXCO>

90 Youtongdangi-ro, Buk-gu
Daegu 41515, Korea

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Major Events in EXCO (2016)

The 20th Korea International Textile Machinery Exhibition
Daegu / EXCO
Preview in Daegu 2016 (PID 2016)
Daegu/Gyeongbuk/Korea Federation of Textile Industries
The 21th Daegu Housing Expo (DAHOS 2016)
Daegu / Korea Industrial Marketing Institute
International Green Energy Expo Korea 2015
Daegu / EXCO
2016 Healing Fair
Korea NeuroPsychiatric Association
Daegu-gyeongbuk Franchise EXPO
MESSE Korea Co., Ltd
The 14th Tour Expo Daegu Gyeongbuk
2016 Company Difficulty Soultion Fair
Daegu / EXCO
The 15th Daegu International Optical Show (DIOPS 2016)
Daegu / KOISC
International Fire & Safety EXPO KOREA 2016
Daegu / EXCO
Daegu Golf Show 2016
Exspotainment CO., Ltd
Daegu Baby & Kids Fair
Daegu / EXCO
Tea EXPO 2016
International Tea Club
Daegu Beauty Expo 2016
Daegu / EXCO
Home Living & Houseware Fair 2016
MESSE Korea Co., Ltd
Daegu Pet Show 2016
Daegu / EXCO
TBC Wedding Fair
Daegu Exhibition Co., Ltd
Daegu Flower Show
Daegu / EXCO
Daegu Food Tour Expo 2016
Daegu / EXCO
Daegu / EXCO
The 37th 2016 Korea Wedding Industry Fair
Korea Wedding Industrialists Association
Medi EXPO 2016
Daegu / EXCO
Daegu / EXCO
12th Daegu-gyeongbuk Franchise Changup EXPO
Yesexpo Co., Ltd
Wedding Cool Wedding Fair
Wedding Cool Co., Ltd
The 9th National Congress on Fluids Engineering
The Korean Society of Visualization
2016 KoSFoST International Symposium and Annual Meeting
Korean Society of Food Science and Technology
2016 IT Convergence Expo Korea
Daegu / EXCO
LED Industry Korea 2016
Daegu / EXCO
Daegu Science Festival 2016
Daegu / EXCO
GIF (Global Innovator Festa) 2016
Daegu Korea Build 2016
eSang Networks
TBC Wedding Fair
Daegu Exhibition CO., Ltd
Asia Pacific Gas Conference (APGC 2016)
The Korea Gas Union
Daegu Fashion Fair 2016
Korean Research Institute for Fashion Industry
Daegu Home·Table Deco Fair 2016
K. Fairs Ltd.
Korea International Water Week 2016 (Daegu·Gyeongbuk)
Deagu / EXCO
53rd KLA General Conference
Korean Library Association
Daegu Leisure Week 2016
The Fairs Co., Ltd
Daegu Art Fair 2016
Galleries Association of Daegu
Daegu Young Artists Projet (YAP’ 2016)
Korean Fine Arts Association Daegu Branch
Daegu International Tea & Craft Fair
MESSE Korea Co., Ltd
Daegu Baby & Kids Fair
Daegu / EXCO
KSAE 2016 Annual Autumn Conference
The Korean Society of Automoblie Engineers
2016 Daegu International Machinery Industry Expo (DAMEX 2016)
Daegu / EXCO
The 11th International Materials, Parts&Components Exhibition
Daegu / EXCO
The 5th Daegu International Robot Industry Expo (ROBEX2016)
Daegu / EXCO
Daegu Home.Living&Houseware Fair
MESSE Korea Co., Ltd
13th Daegu-gyeongbuk Franchise Changup EXPO
Yesexpo Co., Ltd
2016 Daegu Coffee & Cafe Fair
WeddingCool Wedding Fair
Wedding Cool Co., Ltd

 Events may change by further updates