Wednesday, July 29, 2015

The 6th International LED & Display EXPO

When you hear the word LED, what comes in your mind? Only just light bulbs? If you think once again, LED is close with real life such as luminarie decoration, desk stands and lightsabers used at concerts. At the 6th International LED & Display EXPO, more LED and Display items are waiting for you.

The 6th International LED & Display EXPO

<Display Items>
- Indoor : Home, Office, Commercial, Interior Design, High Bay Light
- Outdoor : Streetlight, Security Lighting, Architectural Lighting, High-end Sports Lighting
- Agriculture : Plant Factory, Biomass, Insect Pest Control, Stock Raising
- Marine : Marine Lighting, Fishing Lamp
- Healthcare : Treatment, Operation, Endoscopy, Silver Business
- Display : Touch Panel, Touch Screen, Curved Screen, 3D Display
- Signboard : Outdoor Advertising
- Components : Chip, Package, Module, Photometer, Material, Equipment, Application

<Special Events>
- Smart LED Street : LED street lights arranged at actual sizes, offering natural color rendition, penetration ratio and brightness.
- Special Pavilion : Marine Lighting
    With the East Sea Fisheries Research Institute, we organize Marine Lighting Special Pavilion. It shows new marine product including fishing lamp, underwater lamp, searchlight etc. Also, there will be a seminar over development and supply of LED marine lighting.

International LED & Display EXPO 2015
    - TEL : +82-53-601-5372,
     - E-mail :
     - Official Website :

<How to get to Daegu EXCO>

90 Youtongdangi-ro, Buk-gu
Daegu 702-712, Korea


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