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Discover Downtown

Chic, Classy And Refined!


GaeJeong: Get acquainted with traditional Korean fare at GaeJeong. Located on the east side of downtown, this restaurant has been a favorite of locals and foreigners alike since 1978. It’s a great place for lunch for individuals or groups. The menu is easy to navigate with pictures of each entrée. Try the sizzling hot stone bibimbap or tangy cold noodles.
Address: 52, Dongseong-ro 3-gil, Jung-gu, Daegu, Korea
Hours ;10:00-22:00

YooGa Ne Dakgalbi: Home of the Chicken and Beer Festival, Daegu has a reputation for its delicious spin on chicken. Get a taste of the local specialty at YooGa Ne Dakgalbi. Located on the west side of downtown, a short walk from Jungangno Station Exit 2, the restaurant is famous for its spicy stir fried chicken. The staff stir-fries chicken and vegetables in a huge pan on the table, stirring in rice and a spicy sauce. It’s a unique and delicious dining experience.
Address: 412, Dongseong-ro 3-gil, Jung-gu, Daegu, Korea
Hours ; 11:00-23:00

Pan Asia
Pan Asia: Korea has become a mixing pot of Asian flavors with immigrants from South East Asia bringing their flavors from home. Fusion restaurants have become increasingly popular. To experience the fresh flavors of South East Asia, check out Pan Asia. Crowd-pleasing dishes include the Singapore chili crab and pat thai. Pan Asia is located on Expat Street on the east side of downtown.
Address: 58-18, Dongseong-ro 3-gil, Jung-gu, Daegu, Korea
Hours; 12:00-23:00 / Break time ; 15:00-17:00 (Closed once a month on Tuesday)

Caliente: From Spanish churros to Turkish kebabs to Indian curries, multicultural flavors have found a welcome home in downtown Daegu. Caliente Mexican restaurant offers Tex-Mex favorites such as margaritas, nachos and burritos. Late hours, a full bar, dart boards and pool tables make it a popular hangout for young people. Caliente is located on the east side of downtown, across the street from Samdeok Fire Station.
Address: 5, Gongpyeong-ro 8-gil, Jung-gu, Daegu, Korea
Hours ; 16:00-4:00

Little Italia: Daegu has a passion for Italian cuisine. Pizza and pasta eateries can be found on nearly every block, but the best one by far is Little Italia. The chef studied culinary art in Italy and serves up a delicious taste of Italian cuisine at this charming little restaurant. Enjoy a glass of wine and try the ravioli, T-bone steak or prosciutto rucola pizza. Little Italia is located in central downtown, just south of the main stage.
Address: 49-18, Dongseong-ro 2-gil, Jung-gu, Daegu, Korea
Hours ; 12:00-23:30

2046 Pan Steak: Meat lovers will rejoice at 2046 Pan Steak, a French-style steak house located on the east side of downtown Daegu. Deliciously seared steaks are served in a cast iron skillet alongside leafy greens and mushrooms cooked with herb-infused butter. Entrées come with dessert – brownies in their own miniature cast iron skillet. The delicious food, awesome service and reasonable prices make 2046 Pan Steak a great choice for lunch or dinner.
Address: 58-5, Dongseong-ro 3-gil, Jung-gu, Daegu, Korea
Hours ; 11:30-23:00 Monday-Thursday, Sunday /11:00-1:00 Friday and Saturday

Hidden gems

Hot Tracks: A dizzying selection of notebooks, pencil cases and stickers make Hot Tracks a wonderland for school children, but calling it a stationary store doesn’t do it justice. This underground shopping center is a fun place for all ages to shop.

Hot Tracks is the perfect place for shopping for souvenirs with multiple shops selling everything from designer sunglasses to electronics to traditional Korean gifts. There is even a gift wrapping shop. Hot Tracks is accessible from Kyobo bookstore and the Jungangno Station underground shopping mall.
Address: 586, Gukchaebosang-ro, Jung-gu, Daegu, Korea
Hour ; 10:00-22:00

Underground shopping malls: Downtown Daegu is home to two huge underground shopping malls conveniently located at Banwoldang Station (Line 1 and 2) and JungangnoStation(Line 1). These malls are a great place to find incredible deals on clothes, shoes and handbags. There are also a variety of shops selling Korean cosmetics, fun socks and unique phone cases.

Korean Cosmetics
Korean beauty products are among the most demanded items by international tourists, and the biggest beauty brands are all available in Daegu including Innisfree, The Face Shop and Skin Food. High quality, often local, ingredients include green tea, Jeju Island volcanic clay, honey and ginseng.
Beauty bloggers rave about lightweight Korean BB creams for their coverage and multitasking abilities. Try Signature Real Complete BB Cream(23,800 won) from Missha. Another hot item is Black Sugar Mask (7,700 won) from Skin Food. This product is always selling out. Full of vitamins and minerals, this scrub removes leaves skin feeling brand new.

Downtown Department Stores
Downtown Daegu is home to several department stores carrying luxury brand name goods including jewelry, hand bags and the latest fashions.

Daegu Department Store is centrally located adjacent to the main stage downtown. The 11-story department store contains a vast collection of food, sundries, electronics and more. It (a.k.aDebec) also has cultural spaces such as event halls and exhibitions as well as restaurants and coffee shops.
Address: 31-1, Dongseongno 3-ga, Jung-gu, Daegu, Korea
Hour ;Monday-Thursday : 10:30-20:00 / Friday and weekend : 10:30-20:30
(Closed once a month on Monday)

Hyundai Department Store, located on the west side of downtown and accessible from Banwoldang Station (Line 1 and 2), is the largest department store in Gyeongsangbuk-do province. This luxurious shopping destination encompasses a variety of shopping, dining and entertainment options including a movie theater, concert hall, gallery and outside garden. Its impressive food court is not to be missed. Grab fresh sushi off a moving conveyor belt or indulge in a decadent treat from Godiva’s chocolate café.
Address: 2077, Dalgubeol-daero, Jung-gu, Daegu, Korea
Hours ;10:30-20:00
Daegu Lotte Department Store is connected to Daegu Station on the north side of downtown. With two lower levels and standing 10-stories high, this department store offers 700 domestic and imported brands, nine cinema screens and various culture center courses, events and attractions.
Address: 161, Dongbuk-ro, Buk-gu, Daegu, Korea
Hours ; 10:30-20:00 Monday-Thursday / 10:30-20:30 Friday and weekend(Closed once a month on Monday)


Forget refrigerator magnets and key chains! Take home a piece of local character with these unique Daegu souvenirs.

1. Seaweed snack a.k.a. “gim”: Thin sheets of seaweed brushed with sesame oil make a tasty and healthy snack on its own or wrapped around a sushi roll. This snack can be found everywhere from department stores to convenient stores.

2. Fun socks: Printed with funny sayings and famous characters, these socks are definitely a conversation starter and, at only 1,000 won a pair, they make an affordable souvenir.

3. Mask pack: Enjoy the Korean spa experience in the comfort of your own home. These moisturizing packs run from 1,000-5,000 won and contain soothing ingredients like cucumber, green tea and honey.

4. Phone case: Protect your smart phone with a stylish case. From sensible to outrageous, these unique phone cases come in a variety of styles.

5. Stationary:Cute and colorful notebooks, calendars and greeting cards make wonderful gifts with their eye-catching designs and affordable prices. 

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