Thursday, December 3, 2015

CSR in Exhibition Halls?

Amazing things happen when people connect. This year, Exco has focused on Corporate Social Responsibility through talent donation activities.

Exco has been doing social contribution activities since 2011. Such as advising local events and providing marketing supports on trade shows. Since this year, exco has started new sales promotion of the local specialties.

Last year, exco has undertaken consultation and supported goods for the 'Hoeryongpo Moonlight Festival', which is the festival held in Yechon city Yonggungmyeon - a village 
that made alliance with exco. Also providing booths for participation in DAFOOD2015 (Daegu Food Industry Festival). 

Organizing 15 exhibitions every year, exco is using and exhibition as a place of social contribution. At Daegu Pet Show: Abandoned dog adoption campaign, Daegu Urban Agriculture EXPO 2015: Nature protection through urban agriculture development. Fire EXPO Korea: Fire safety training for children. Daegu Baby&Kids Fair, which is the biggest public consumer exhibition held in exco, has raised 7,725 dollars this year by auction to help single mothers in Daegu. And has also provided booths for social organizations such as Unicef.

Exco is also continuing education activities in order to promote exhibition and convention industry. This year, we have invited children of Yecheon Yonggungmyeon and provided education experience events and also held familiarization tour for 240 students. We are planning to do special social contributions targeted at teenagers next year.

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