Thursday, November 5, 2015

A born artist: Lee, Insung

Wall of Creation

Lee Insung Apple Tree Street

At Daegu Gyesan catholic church, there is a persimmon tree called 'Lee In Sung Tree'. It is derived from Lee Insung's painting 'Gyesandong Sungdang(Gyesan catholic Church)'.

<Gyesandong Sungdang, 1930s>

Born at Daegu 1912, Lee Insung is one of the representative painters of Korea's modern western art. Some call him the 'Korean Paul Gauguin'. He built an western art institute at 1936, at the time when even a small art school didn't exist at Daegu. He died young at 39 years old, but his powerful stroke of brush and loud color remains forever.

To honor his legacy, Daegu has created an 'Lee Insung Apple Tree Street' this June. Located nearby EXCO, his paintings has been reproduced on the street walls at the size of over 7 meters. Interestingly, the mural of his famous masterpiece <Apple Tree> is painted more red than the original painting. It has a meaning of finishing the spirit of the modern age, which they could not finish due to Japanese colonial period.

Recently, the second mural project was finished by the community service center and Lee Insung Art Center headquarters. Students and residents who live near the Apple tree street has involved in the mural work. They have suggested ideas such as making photo zones,  re-creating the cafe 'ARS', a cafe which Lee Insung has managed, which means 'Art' in Latin.

<Apple Tree, 1942>
<Girl, 1940s>
<On an Autmn Day, 1934>
A mural of EXCO!

Located in a 10-minute-walk nearby EXCO, it will be a good opportunity to see Korean modern art in a large scale.

<How to get to Lee Insung Apple Tree Street>

-The black spot is EXCO and the red pointer is where Lee Insung Apple Tree Street is

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